Is it the End or Rebirth of SAP CRM? The Future of SAP CRM!

It’s said that 2016 is going to be the defining year for SAP, its partners, customers and the entire eco-system of SAP CRM that has been built. Here are few comments and conversation of SAP CRM customers, partners and blogs-summarized below.

“SAP needs to better communicate its CRM Strategy to its On-Premise Customers” “We are waiting to see what SAP will do in the CRM space and are holding off major investments.” “Is SAP CRM Dead? What is the future for SAP CRM Consultants?” “My business team is very excited about CRM and keeps talking about Salesforce

SAP’s transformation to a Cloud company is raising doubts, yet is has always pulled off other major transformations such as Netweaver, HANA (w-i-p),, mySAP Business Suite, etc. Most of the CRM customers are already using SaaS solution do the move of SAP does not leave them with an uncertain future for the already existing CRM customer base.

What do SAP CRM Customers Want?

After going over all the blogs, reviews and comments, we at Abacus Consulting have put forward this list of SAP CRM customer needs.

#1- The Performance Wheel- SAP customers are well aware of this dark humorous joke, but yes the performance wheel of SAP CRM has alarmed the customers always with extreme joy or a feeling of death. SAP will suggest you to move to HANA. A follow up question will be-will that solve the performance problems? SAP will say-Maybe?

#2- A standard UI that should work on All Devices- We were recently asked by a SAP CRM Business Owner that why does he need to spend so much on building and deploying Fiori, rather a UI that works on all devices should be the standard solution.

SAP often leads its customers expensive and new paths of deploying C4C with SAP CRM, or Fiori on HCP etc-where this will be a very expensive quest for customers who invest a lot and customize their already existing SAP CRM Web UI.

#3-Innovative- Recently a customer with SAP CRM asked a question, If the functionality was 5 years older than existing marketing technology. The answer from SAP was “hybris marketing”-does not state if the customer should buy New Products, Licenses, Technology and infrastructure for CRM functionality and what was delivered in 2008?

Shouldn’t the existing investment of customers in SAP CRM ensure future innovation? If not and if this entire process of innovation requires an approach of new solution then why stray with SAP?

#4- The Roadmap- How many CRM products do SAP sells? The answer was 1 product in 2005 and 5 in 2015. So, there’s this confusion with SAP IT and CXO’s.

Expectations from SAP

#1-Performance– For customers this has been a huge distress, to move them to HANA should resolve this concern but the customers who have moved to HANA, has not shown significant improvement.

#2-Strategy and Roadmap– SAP needs to do far better in explaining a clear strategy or roadmap to its On-Premise SAP CRM customers. If the future with SAP requires moving away from On-Premise, then it’s better to move forward.

#3- Innovations To provide more innovations for the existing framework to the On-Premise customers with EHP’s as a part of SAP plan. This is the future plan of SAP, starting 2025.

#4-UI- Fiori is a great start by SAP to improve its status in UI space. There will be however many challenges that customers face while adapting to own enhancements to Fiori.

The CRM Consultant is becoming a very rare thing and most of the customers are moving to Fiori, C4C, and hybris marketing with the hope that SAP can take a rebirth-failure will result in Enterprise CRM world to lose its dominance.

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